Motonosumi Inari Shrine

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Sightseeing course by the Sea of Japan, you can see the rough seas battering the coast.

Attention; Suspended 2020/4/1~ "Motonosumi Shrine" (under the influence of COVID-19)




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6.5 hours





Traffic, entrance and parking fee are extra

Pick-up at hotel in Yamaguchi-shi or Shin-Yamaguchi station




Tsunoshima bridge has been often seen on TV advertisement of car companies. The balance between the bridge, emerald green sea and a small island (Hatojima) in the middle is exquisite.


Senjojiki is a prairie spread upon a 333m tall hill. Panoramic views of islands dotting the Sea of Japan can be seen from here. The boundless expanse of blue ocean and sky can be experienced in the fresh sea breeze. This place has been used as the location of TV advertising and publicity posters for Japanese car companies.


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Motonosumi Inari Shrine is a shrine which was separated from Taikodani- inari in Tsuwano Shimane prefecture in 1955. There is an offertory box ahead of tori gate at the exit of back street, which makes your hope come true if you succeed to put a coin in the offertory box.


A natural phenomenon “Shiofuki” (water spraying up to 30m, caused by large waves coming through the rock formations) can be seen when seas get rough. The view of “Shiofuki” is said to resemble a dragon climbing into the sky. (Winter time only)


Drop-off at hotel in Yamaguchi-shi or Shin-Yamaguchi station


announcement_list_mark.pngMotonosumi Inari Shrine
Sightseeing course by the Sea of Japan, you can see the rough seas battering the coast. 
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