Yamaguchi Sightseeing Taxi FAQ

Q.I would like to look around sightseeing spots in Yamaguchi, but it’s hard transit from Yuda. I would be worried if I borrow a car because I’m not familiar with topography of this area.

A.Our professional drivers for sightseeing guide you to sightseeing spots you want to visit if you use Yamaguchi Sightseeing taxi. We also offer drop-off service at station, so you don’t need to transit.

Q.I would like to see famous sightseeing spots in Yamaguchi while I’m on the business trip, but I’m concerned where I should go and how long it can take.

A.At first, please let us know date, time, budget and place of pick-up. We will arrange a professional driver for Yamaguchi sightseeing. We will also introduce some good restaurants.

Q. I just checked in hotel and I would like to go to sightseeing spots directory, but I’m concerned how I can get there. And I would like to have restaurant recommendation.

A.We will guide you to restaurants and sightseeing spots you would like to visit if you contact us, Osumikanko, and tell us your destination and time beforehand or even on the day of your trip.

Q.I just arrived at Yamaguchi-Ube airport and I need a lift to the hotel at Yuda-Onsen. And also I need somebody to guide me to sightseeing spots in Yamaguchi.

A.Our Airport taxi provides lift service from airport to hotel at Yuda-Onsen with reasonable price. And also it offers guide service after checking in.

Q. I would like to get off the train at Shin-Yamaguchi station and borrow a car or use local trains to go sightseeing, but I’m concerned about topography of this area. It’s hard to find a guide in such short notice. Are there any good solutions?
A.It’s a very good solution you to ask Yamaguchi Sightseeing taxi. A professional driver for sightseeing offers good service without transit. We will pick you up and guide you immediately if you call and tell us your destination and time after you get off the train.

Q.We came to Yamaguchi to see SL Yamaguchi (a steam locomotive) with friends. Could you come with us to good location for phot shooting and take us to Onsen after that?

A.We provide this kind of service every year, taking fans of train to famous location for phot shooting, and also support them by driving taxi side-by-side SL Yamaguchi.